WPeditoraHow to use the editor!

There are 3 important buttons.
1. ‘Add Media’ allows you to add a photo ( or anything) to where ever you’ve just clicked the cursor within the editor box. It’ll ask whether you want to upload the photo into the website or choose a photo that’s already there.  On the right side will be options about positioning the photo left right centre  and also to insert the photo into your post/page.
Ideally a photo will be 940×350 pixels to fit the front page (2.686:1)
To save space and for speed try not to upload a picture bigger than 1024 in either direction

2. Once the photo is there in the editor you can click it and icon 2 pops up. If you click this it allows you to change the position and size of the photo again.

3. Click this button to hide all the confusing buttons and start with a clear screen. Hover over the top of the screen to return back to the editor, or choose a camera style icon to insert a photo as above.


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