Mar 01

Message from Michael about Sunday’s walk

End of muddy walk940Hi!

Because of the continuing inclement weather recently, I decided to leave the walkover in respect of the above as late as possible ie today, Friday 28th.

Did I manage to complete it? Yes. Is it very muddy? Yes. Are there places where above walking boots water has collected? Yes. But it obviously can be done? Yes.

I decided to wear wellingtons which gives you much more flexibility, and of course it’s only five miles.They must have good grip and not smooth soles. Having highlighted the short mileage, I should say that walking in these conditions can sometimes make the walk feel longer.

I apologise for the relative negativity, but it’s better that you have the facts now. Anyway I enjoyed it, even in the rain. Talking of which, if that is the case on Sunday the walk will not take place. But I will be at the start point.

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  1. leader

    Walk took place with an attendance, including me, of 13.

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